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Tour of White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Introducing White Bear Lake, MN

Great old homes by the lake, quaint old city charm, and gorgeous outdoor vistas, White Bear Lake has a lot going for it. If you’re looking for a place to move to, check out if White Bear Lake is right for you!

By special request, let’s get into it!

White Bear Lake Vibes

White Bear Lake, both a beautiful lake and town! It has a bunch of great spots in the downtown area - restaurants, shops, etc. Of course the lake itself, where you can do all of your outdoor water activities and beautiful old homes.

Good schools, fantastic outdoor spaces, and a diverse housing stock with affordable prices - White Bear Lake is a Twin Cities gem!

Home Price Statistics

The median list price in White Bear Lake is $330k, which is right around the same as that of the Twin Cities market. If you’re looking to get into a single family home, you can expect prices to range from about $220k and up to about $2.8 million. Condo/Townhomes will range starting around $180k and up to about $550k.

There are some really amazing homes here - especially near the lake. One of the homes was basically my dream home, which goes for about $7 million… some day!

Pros + Cons


  • Amazing outdoor spaces

  • Lots of history and cool spots (cute downtown area)

  • A wide variety of home styles - specifically love the homes closer to downtown and the lake

  • Relatively affordable with prices in line with the Twin Cities median prices


  • Schools are pretty good, but are not the best in the state

  • Doesn’t necessarily have all of the suburban conveniences immediately in White Bear Lake

  • Weekends by the lake are going to be VERY busy (people come from other areas to visit)

  • Echoes of a rural past - maybe some messy yards or run down homes

To Sum Up White Bear Lake in Three Points

  • Great historic downtown

  • Beautiful old/historic homes by the lake and downtown

  • And of course, the lake itself

For Fans Of

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As We Depart

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