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Tour of Bloomington, Minnesota

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

If you're moving to the twin cities and looking for a beautiful suburb, with an adorable historic downtown area, cute shops, great restaurants and maybe some of the most stunning natural wonders, look no further than Stillwater, Minnesota. Stillwater isn't just one of the most desirable areas to live in the twin cities, it's also a day trip destination for many twin cities residents, as it's quaint downtown area, situated along the Saint Croix River is just about second to none!!

Bloomington has wealthy homes to the western Bush Lake area, and middle class homes in the central and eastern areas. It is also home to the mall of America, IKEA, Normandale Community College and is contiguous to the Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport.


1. Outdoor spaces:

  • 1,000 square feet of park per capita

  • 1/3 of Bloomington is permanently reserved for park purposes.

  • The river valley area is beautiful

2. Bloomington is home to more jobs than either Minneapolis or Saint Paul, because of Mall of America,

as well as headquarters or major branches of many other businesses like Health Partners, Toro, Wells Fargo, Seagate and Pearson among others.

3. Convenient - it is 10 minutes to either downtown.

4. Schools - B+ on Niche.


1. It is the busiest and most commercial suburb in the twin cities.

2. the 494 highway rush hour can get wild.

Quick Facts:

  • 5th largest city in Minneapolis

  • Population: 85,000

  • Has an A rating on

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