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0% USDA Loans? Here's how!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Today we're talking about zero percent down loans from USDA, like the one on your organic food. if you're planning to purchase property in the rural areas of Minnesota, this video will help you get the leverage you need for your next home.


100% Financing - 620 Minimum FICO credit score, 640 for manufactured housing.

  • DTI (debt to income) limits are 29/41 - BUT if we have a 680+ FICO score, we could potentially get a DTI waiver going above 29/41.

  • There is Mortgage insurance of 1% that is added to the top of the loan. Also it carries a monthly .35% mortgage insurance.

  • Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS) approval required. (This is no different than DU or LPA for FHA and conventional loans.)

  • Conforming loan limits of $548,250 - Income limits are between $94,600 and $99,000 depending on the county.

  • Homes have to be outside city limits to be legible for USDA loans.

Here is how we determine loan values:

You can either send the address to me to check, or you can use this link to check for legibility for USDA loans.

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