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Tour of Oakdale, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're taking you on a Virtual Tour of Oakdale, Minnesota!

With easy access to downtown St. Paul, plenty of suburban amenities, nice outdoor spaces, and an affordable and diverse housing stock, Oakdale has a lot going for it!

Let's get it!

Oakdale Vibes

Located northeast of the Twin Cities, Oakdale is home to around 29k residents. It is bordered to the north by I-694, to the east by Ideal Ave N, to the south by I-94, and to the west by MN Hwy-120 aka Century or Geneva Ave. Oakdale is St. Paul suburb, located about 10-15 from downtown St. Paul, about 20-25 minutes from either downtown Minneapolis or from the MSP airport.

The schools serving Oakdale, are generally rated down the middle. The city is served by the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District which gets a B rating and is ranked the #1 Most Diverse School District in MN and #14 Most Diverse in the US, according to In terms of high schools Tartan Senior High School which serves the southern half is rated an A-*, while North Senior High School which serves the northern half is rated a B+*. In terms of middle schools, there is Skyview Community, Maplewood, and John Glenn Middle Schools, rated B-, C+, and C+ respectively*. There are 6 elementary schools serving the city ranging from B+ to C+ in ratings*.

Home Price Statistics

The median home price for Oakdale at the time of writing this, comes in around $340k. There is a fairly dramatic price range in terms of single-family homes here. Prices can start as low as $235k for a modest fixer upper, upwards of $700k for a very nice home. The renter to ownership ratio is always an interesting stat and Oakdale comes in at about 25% renter and 75% owner.

Pros + Cons


  • Affordable median home sale prices

  • Decent schools overall (the most diverse in MN)

  • Nice outdoor spaces

  • Extremely diverse housing stock

  • Plenty of suburban amenities

  • Very good access to downtown St. Paul


  • Depending on where within Oakdale, some of the schools aren't as stellar as other parts

  • Suburban blandness

  • Occasional area of dinge/less well kept

For Fans Of

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To Sum Up Oakdale in Three Points

  1. Affordable home prices

  2. Plenty of suburban amenities

  3. Decent schools overall

As We Depart

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