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Tour of Minnetonka, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're taking you on a Virtual Tour of the fantastic Minnetonka, Minnesota!

One of the BEST and most sought after Twin Cities suburbs! Although Minnetonka has home prices above the metro median, it boasts some of the best schools in Minnesota, absolutely stunning homes, and beautiful outdoor spaces including its namesake - Lake Minnetonka.

Stick around for this gem!

Minnetonka Vibes

Located 20 minutes southwest of downtown Minneapolis and about 30 minutes from downtown St. Paul, Minnetonka is a fantastic Twin Cities suburb! It is bordered to the north by Plymouth, to the east by St. Louis, Park, Hopkins, and Edina, to the south by Eden Prairie, and to the west by Shorewood, Deephaven, Woodland, and Wayzata.

Known for great restaurants, a destination city for some, tons of great outdoor spaces, and great schools. It is home to around 55k - not super dense but it mostly developed.

Speaking of great schools - Minnetonka is known for it! Minnetonka is served by three schools districts - Wayzata, Minnetonka, and Hopkins school districts - rated an A+, A+, and A* respectively. Minnetonka and Wayzata School Districts are typically jockeying for the #1 and #2 spot for best districts in Minnesota. The city is served by three high schools - Wayzata, Minnetonka, and Hopkins - rated again an A+, A+, and A* respectively. There are 6 middle schools ranging from an A+ down to a B, and 7 elementary schools with none rated worse than an A-*.

Home Price Statistics

With the many pros going for Minnetonka, the pricing can get up there pretty quick. However, the median home sale price in Minnetonka at the time of writing this comes in around $450k, a good bit above the $387k of the Twin Cities metro median. But as mentioned before, prices can jump quick - currently on the market single-family homes range from $250k on the very low-end (likely a total flip), and upwards of nearly $5m. For condos/townhomes, prices currently on the market range from $120k and upwards of $1.2m. The renter to owner ratio comes in at 30% rent and 70% own.

Pros + Cons


  • Tons of beautiful outdoor spaces

  • Fantastic schools - some of the best in MN

  • High pride of ownership, beautiful homes, great lot sizes (potential epic home)

  • Peaceful streets, well manicured neighborhoods and public spaces

  • Tons of suburban amenities and the Ridgedale Mall

  • Value - opportunity for value


  • Expensive

  • Exclusivity notion may be projected, but there may a bit of the "keeping up with the Joneses" vibe

  • Not a ton of inventory - especially depending on your budget

  • Occasional dinge in the older neighborhoods and commercial areas

  • Smaller highways are mostly nice to travel on, but a backup can be a drag

  • Fairly cookie cutter in some areas - typical of a suburb

For Fans Of

Basically if you like this area, you might want to check out these other areas 👇

  • Southwest Metro - Eden Prairie, Plymouth, Edina, Maple Grove

  • South Metro - Lakeville

  • East Metro - Woodbury

  • North Metro - Lake Elmo, Arden Hills, Shoreview (maybe a stretch but...)

  • Bonus - St. Louis Park (more affordable)

To Sum Up Minnetonka in Three Points

  1. Fantastic schools - some of the best in Minnesota

  2. Tons of beautiful outdoor spaces

  3. Value - for how much you get in terms of great schools, beautiful outdoor spaces, and amenities - housing prices seem appropriate

As We Depart

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