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Tour of St. Anthony, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Introducing St. Anthony, MN

Today we’re checking out St. Anthony, MN - aka Saint Anthony Village!

A gem of a suburb located just east of the Northeast neighborhood in Minneapolis, St. Anthony has a lot going for itself. Well maintained and unique homes with quiet streets, but easy access to the ‘coolness’ that Northeast offers. Known for it’s great schools and convenience to the Twin Cities, St. Anthony is small, but mighty.

Quality over quantity - let’s go!

St. Anthony Vibes

Sometimes folks get confused - in Minneapolis, there are the St. Anthony East and a St. Anthony West neighborhoods. Then in St. Paul, there are the St. Anthony Park and South St. Anthony Park neighborhoods. Well that’s not what this video is on today. This is St. Anthony, or Saint Anthony Village, a suburb located just north of the Twin Cities and east of Northeast Minneapolis.

A fact that makes it a bit odd - is that it is located partially, basically split down the middle, in both Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. This can lead to some confusion, which I understand!

Boundaries aside, it has great trick-or-treatable neighborhoods and not far from nice conveniences. The schools are rated very well which makes the relatively affordable home prices even sweeter.

Home Price Statistics

The housing stock here is very nice. It’s well maintained with a lot of unique, mid-century and/or maybe post-war homes. The median list price here is about $350k. If you’re looking to get into, say a 3 bed 2 bath, well maintained single family home, it’s about $350k on the low end, if not $400k.

Pros + Cons


  • Great schools - a driving factor for the area

  • Proximity to the cities - within 10-15 minutes of both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul

  • Nice outdoor spaces/parks

  • Largely well maintained and unique homes in quiet neighborhoods


  • Other than the two main shopping areas, that’s about it for conveniences. The

  • Two counties is just wackier than it needs to be

  • The southeastern corner is a combination of a larger cemetery and a petroleum pipeline

To Sum Up St. Anthony in Three Points

  • Small, but mighty

  • Good schools

  • Close to the cities

For Fans Of

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  • Richfield

  • Roseville

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  • Robbinsdale

As We Depart

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