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Tour of Arden Hills, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Introducing - Arden Hills

A highly sought after and very desirable place to live in Minnesota, Arden Hills is located about 15 minutes from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. With great schools, great outdoor spaces, all of your suburban amenities, and convenient access to both downtowns, Arden Hills is one of the hidden gems of the Twin Cities!

Arden Hills - Past and Present

The name of the city is said to have come from billionaire Senator Joseph Hackney’s hobby farm, Arden Farms. Hackney started the farm within the city limits back in 1906. At one time, the city’s geographic topography consisted of several hills formed by glaciers. In fact, the highest point in Ramsey County is a geologic kame located within the boundaries of the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, with an elevation of 1,100+ feet.

The city was originally part of Mounds View Township. When the township was organized, it included the present Shoreview, Arden Hills, New Brighton, Mounds View and parts of North Oaks and St. Anthony. Arden Hills was incorporated on February 14, 1951. Over the next 20 years the boundaries of the city were formed through other annexation deals and land trades, forming the city as it currently exists.

Arden Hills experienced rapid growth from 1970-1979, during which a total of 1,065 new housing units were constructed. This is about one third of the present number of housing units in the city.

The proposed TCAAP redevelopment/Rice Creek Commons is expected to increase the city's housing stock by nearly 1,500 units and its population by approximately 40 percent over the next 15-20 years.

Home Price Statistics Arden Hills is a very desirable place to live in Minnesota. According to, it’s ranked #13 of 136 Best Suburbs to Live in Minnesota. With great schools, great outdoor spaces, and convenient to both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, the affordability of Arden Hills is a bit surprising.

Arden Hills Median Sale Price for Single Family Homes is $380k. Prices for listing currently on the market range from $300k-$800k for Single Family Homes and $200k-$600k for Condo/Townhomes.

Pros + Cons


  • Great Schools

    • Yes, we often say that. But that’s because we do videos on cities with great schools.

  • Quiet, Slower Pace

    • Lots of great outdoor spaces. Could imagine growing up here, riding your bike around, hanging out in the parks, etc.

  • Two Large Employers

    • Boston Scientific and Land-O-Lakes

  • Easy access to both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul


  • Not a ton of culture/Not really any ‘cool’ or unique spots

    • Might be a little bit boring. There is a bowling alley?

  • Not Walkable/Car Dependent

    • Can’t walk to the restaurants or grocery stores. Driving to just about everywhere you’re going.

  • Geographically speaking, the northern half of the city is basically military occupied. There’s a training facility, armory, etc.

As We Depart

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