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Tour of Burnsville, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

In this virtual tour we'll be going around Burnsville, Minnesota, a city about 15 miles from The Twin Cities. Burnsville has great community diversity, has cool views of the surrounding areas, and has easy access to the metropolis.

Around the year 1750, nearly 100 years before Burnsville was founded, Chief Black Dog established his band at a permanent village at the isthmus between Black Dog Lake and the Minnesota river. Burnsville was founded in 1855 and Incorporated in 1964. Located in Dakota County south of Minneapolis and the Minnesota River. The Burnsville is attributed to an early Irish settler and land owner, William Byrne. His surname was recorded as "Burns" and was never corrected. His descendants still live there today and a school, William Byrne Elementary, is named after him. Burnsville is approximately 20-30 minutes from the twin cities, 15-20 minutes from the Minneapolis-SaintPaul Airport, and about 15 minutes from The Mall of America.

Burnsville is where I-35 splits and becomes 35E (towards Saint Paul) and 35W (towards Minneapolis). It has a population of around 62,000 and is the 16th largest city in Minnesota since the 2010 census.

Burnsville schools score an overall A- average on and median prices for single family homes is around $313k, although houses range from $230k to upwards of $2.7 million.


  • Great for families with a diverse community

  • Great and easy access to the Twin Cities

  • Cool views

  • Good mix of established neighborhoods and lots of great parks and outdoor recreation

  • Lots of shopping! You have access to Target, Costco, Walmart, Cub, Valley Natural, and Burnsville Center.


  • The city is "fully built" so there are no new development opportunities.

  • The northwest corner is the Waste Management - Burnsville Sanitary Landfill

  • Schools are rated morderately, but 30% of Burnsville students attend schools in districts 194 and 196 - some of the most sought after districts in the state.


  • Lots of "big roads", this could either be a pro or a con depending on what you need. Major roads are: 35E, 35W, MN-77/Cedar Ave, Hwy 13, Co Rd 42, and Co Rd 5.

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As We Depart

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