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Tour of Hopkins, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Today we're taking a tour of Hopkins, a first ring suburb 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Hopkins has great school diversity, is pretty conveniently located, and home price averages here are near the average single family home price for the twin cities area. It's a great place for someone who works in and around the twin cities metropolitan area and would like to move into a suburb near downtown.

Hopkins has a population of about 18,000. The schools in the area has an A rating as a whole on

Average single family home prices in the suburb are around $345k versus the Twin Cities which is about $335k.

Range of home prices currently on the market are from $265k to $1.2M. Some of these are as old as 1893, even though Hopkins is 98% developed. Hopkins has many antique stores, and has the largest lacrosse store in the midwest.


  • small town vibe, but completely developed

  • Convenient, its about a 10-15 minute drive to downtown or 15 minutes to lake Minnetonka

  • Cute downtown area with cool little shops

  • Relatively affordable compared to other western suburbs

  • Diverse housing options


  • Not a lot of natural areas and park spaces

  • Low Ownership Rates: 39 percent homeownership rate is 22 percentage points less than the 61 percent of St. Louis Park, which has the next lowest rate among Hopkins’ neighbors, while Minneapolis is 47.

  • There aren't too many big box conveniences within the Hopkins border, even the school is in Minnetonka.

  • Not all that many houses to choose from, it's kind of packed now, especially near the downtown area.

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