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Tour of Longfellow, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Introducing Longfellow in Minneapolis, MN

Today we’re checking out Longfellow - a great collection of neighborhoods technically known as a ‘defined community’. The community is made up of five individual neighborhoods - Cooper, Hiawatha, Howe, Longfellow, and Seward.

Home to Minnehaha Park and Minnehaha Falls, the Minnesota River, tons of great shops and restaurants, and quaint neighborhoods, Longfellow is a great spot in the Twin Cities!

Let’s get to it! Longfellow Minneapolis in 1, 2, 3...!

Longfellow Vibes

A collection of five neighborhoods with great vibes. Pretty good schools, some of the best outdoor spaces in the Twin Cities, tons of great local shopping, and awesome restaurants, bars, breweries, etc.

Easy access to both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul with proximity to the Light Rail.

So many beautiful homes, modest homes, historic homes, and some truly stunning homes along the river. There really is quite the diverse housing stock in Longfellow.

Home Price Statistics

Home to about 30,000 people and fairly densely populated, it is overwhelmingly single family homes here. The houses started popping up here around the early 1900’s. Popular options were ‘catalog homes’. We see them now as sought after Craftsman and Bungalow type homes.

The Cooper neighborhood is the most expensive in the area with Median Home Prices around $390k. The Seward neighborhood Median Home Prices come in around $375k. Next would be the Hiawatha neighborhood with Median Home Prices around $323k. The Longfellow and Howe neighborhoods have Median Home Prices around $296k.

The lowest possible price you might find would be somewhere around $200k, but that home would likely need a ton of work. Most likely a 3 bed, 2 bath home would come in around $275k on the lowest end, but more like $300k realistically.

Pros + Cons


  • Minnehaha Park/Minnehaha Falls

  • A ton of amazing shops (restaurants, coffee shops, bars, local shopping)

  • Powerful neighborhood vibes - quaint neighborhoods tucked in and surrounded by natural and commercial areas

  • Easy commute to both downtowns

  • Proximity to the light rail (but it depends on where you’re at in the neighborhood)


  • Longfellow can be a bit of a pain to get out of - especially if you live right in the middle

  • Hiawatha is a pain to commute

  • Some spots are a bit dingier than others

  • 3rd Precinct stigma from the 2019 riots

To Sum Up Longfellow in Three Points

  • Fantastic outdoor spaces in Minnehaha Park, Minnehaha Falls, and the Minnesota River

  • Endless number of local shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.

  • Convenient access to the Light Rail and both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul

For Fans Of

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As We Depart

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