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Tour of New Brighton, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Introducing New Brighton, MN

Today we’re checking out New Brighton, MN! Close to the Twin Cities with great schools, nice outdoor spaces, and good highway access, those are just a few of the pros of this suburb. With median housing prices close to the metro average and big yards, we think New Brighton is a good pick for anybody who wants to move close to the Twin Cities! Click that play button, and watch the tour!

Let’s get after it!

New Brighton Vibes

One of the biggest draws to New Brighton is the schools. The Mounds View Public School District that serves New Brighton is rated an A on and one of, if not the, best districts in the north metro.

In addition to the schools, proximity to both Minneapolis and St. Paul is great for those commuting to work into the cities being only about 15-20 minutes.

Tree-lined streets with trick-or-treatable neighborhoods with affordable homes.

Home Price Statistics A first ring suburb, the homes are well established with most being from the 1950’s through the 1980’s with a few new builds here and there. The median sales price for New Brighton is about $357k, relatively affordable and on par with the metro median prices.

Pros + Cons


  • Quaint ‘trick-or-treatable’ neighborhoods

  • Great schools made even sweeter by the affordability of the homes

  • Nice green spaces

  • Very convenient to both downtowns and convenient highway access


  • With that convenience to both downtowns and highway access, the hum of road noise can be expected

  • Not much for suburban conveniences in New Brighton proper (car reliant)

  • Not many cool/hip restaurants/bars. But what they have is spot on for the suburbs

  • A fair amount of industrial areas within the city, maybe not so picturesque

  • Bigger homes are very tough to come by, most homes are smaller

To Sum Up New Brighton in Three Points

  • Quaint, old school suburb with modest homes and trick-or-treatable neighborhoods

  • Really good schools (especially for the money)

  • Convenience to both Minneapolis and St. Paul

For Fans Of

Basically, if you like this neighborhood, you might want to check out these other neighborhoods 👇

  • St. Louis Park - old school trick-or-treatable neighborhoods with good schools and nice outdoor spaces

  • St. Anthony - maybe a little more expensive and higher end homes but a similar vibe

  • Roseville - more suburban with ALL the conveniences, you may be going to Roseville if you live in New Brighton

  • Falcon Heights - small, tight knit old school town with a pretty similar in vibe

  • Hopkins - a little more commercial, but similar

As We Depart

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