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Tour of Shoreview, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

By special request, today we’re looking at Shoreview, Minnesota - one of the most desirable suburbs in the Twin Cities to live, work, and do business in! With a population of about 27,000 and centrally located about 15-20 minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Shoreview has it all; great schools, great outdoor spaces, and it’s relatively affordable.

What’s not to like? This suburb is awesome and we hope you enjoy a tour of Shoreview, Minnesota!

Shoreview - Past and Present

Once inhabited by Dakota and Ojibwe Indians, the land was ceded to the United States Government in 1837. In February 1850, Socrates A. Thompson, accompanied by an indian friend, set out in search of good farmland. Thompson would become the first person to settle in the area, followed by people from Switzerland, England, Ireland, Germany, Vermont, Virginia, Illinois and New York. Over 100 years later and after a bitter dispute, the Village of Shoreview incorporated on April 23rd, 1957 in a tight vote of 853 to 748.

Named for its many lakes, the site was once farmstead and cabin country for the Minneapolis and St. Paul elite. There was even a stint during the 1930’s where gangsters were hiding out in those cabins.

Shoreview is now one of the most sought after suburbs of the Twin Cities where you will find great schools, great outdoor spaces, and reasonably priced homes.

Home Price Statistics According to, Shoreview is rated the #1 Best Suburb to Buy a House in the Twin Cities. Shoreview has a diverse housing stock with Single Family Homes ranging from $200k-$1.4m and Condo/Townhomes ranging $115k-$500k, for what’s currently on the market.

With that said, Shoreview is surprisingly affordable. The median list price is about $340k, while the median sale price is right around $330k. This is right on par with the Twin Cities median sale price of about $325k.

Given that the median home prices are in line with Twin Cities, with the schools as good as they are, conveniences as good as they are, along with an above average household income at around $115k - you can see why this was voted one of the best suburbs in all of Minnesota to live in.

Pros + Cons


  • Centrally Located - Only 15-20 mins from either Minneapolis or St. Paul. Close enough for those commuting to and from the Twin Cities, but far enough out where you can feel removed from the hustle and bustle.

  • Fantastic Schools and Relatively Affordable Homes - A very desirable combination that a lot of buyers are looking for.

  • Great Outdoor Spaces and Relatively Quiet - A peaceful and relatively quiet suburb - the homes have big yards and the residents have access to great parks, trails, and lakes for them to enjoy.

  • Has All Your Suburban Staples - Target, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc. Won’t have your high end shops, but there are a lot of your standard suburban conveniences.


  • Lack of ‘Cool’ Spots - Generally, a little bit cookie cutter. One could argue that the outdoor spaces are what make Shoreview special, but if you’re looking for that downtown hangout spot, there really isn’t one.

  • Culturally Bland - Lends itself to your classic, sleepy suburban lifestyle. Reaching for cons here.

  • Portions Not Super Accessible - Some of the northern/northeastern portions of the city are a bit off the beaten path. You have I-694 that cuts through the south central portion of the city, and I-35W to the west, but again, reaching here.

As We Depart

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