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Tour of Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're checking out Cottage Grove, Minnesota!

If you're looking for a quiet suburb on the southeastern edge of the metro with great park spaces and affordable housing, Cottage Grove is the spot! With plenty of suburban amenities and beautiful outdoor spaces that are a great example of Minnesota, we think you will really love what Cottage Grove has to offer!

Let's get it!

Cottage Grove Vibes

Home to around 38,000 residents and growing, Cottage Grove is located about 20 minutes southeast of St. Paul, about 30 mintues from Minneapolis, and about 25 minutes to the MSP Airport. It is bordered to the north by the city of Woodbury, to the east by Denmark Township, to the south by the Mississippi River, and to the west by St. Paul Park and Newport.

Cottage Grove has many beautiful outdoor spaces. Along with the Mississippi River and Mooers Lake, there are over 45 miles of walking/hiking/biking trails and over 1,300 acres of park land.

Regarding schools it's a bit of a mixed bag, but generally speaking the schools are good overall. Depending on where you are within Cottage Grove, schools may be rate a bit higher or lower. Something to be aware of when and where you're buying a home. Served primarily by the South Washington County School District which is rated a B+ and the Hastings Public School District which is rated an A-.*

For High Schools serving Cottage Grove, the northern half is served by East Ridge HS which is rated an A, and the southern half is served by Park Senior HS which is rated a B-. Cottage Grove Middle School rated a B, serves the portion east of US-10, while Oltman Middle School rated a B-, serves the portion west of US-10. In terms of elementary schools, they range in rating from A- to B-.*

Home Price Statistics

With so much open land available, you will see a lot of affordable new housing development in Cottage Grove. The median sale price in Cottage Grove goes for around $370k. Not too much higher than the Twin Cities metro median.

If you're looking for a single family home, currently on the market prices range between $260k and $800k. And Cottage Grove is dominated by home ownership. There is not a ton for renters as around 90% of residents own their home.

Pros + Cons


  • Beautiful outdoor spaces

  • Solid schools

  • Affordable and diverse housing stock

  • Tons of suburban amenities


  • As a newer suburb, this may not be your vibe if you're not into cookie cutter new builds

  • Some industrial spots that are a bit of an eye sore and "echoes of a rural past"

  • Some airplane noise

  • Pretty much the edge of the metro

To Sum Up Cottage Grove in Three Points

  • Beautiful outdoor spaces

  • Affordable and diverse housing stock

  • Plenty of suburban amenities and solid schools

For Fans Of

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As We Depart

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