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Tour of Lino Lakes, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we’re checking out Lino Lakes, Minnesota!

Lino Lakes is a Twin Cities suburb that will rarely make any top 10 lists on blogs and such but is very often making the home searches of our clients for a multitude of reasons, so naturally we made a virtual tour for y'all!

Let’s get into it!

Lino Lakes Vibes

Tons of lakes, lots of green space, and only about 20 minutes to either downtown and about 30 minutes from MSP airport, Lino Lakes has a population of about 23,000 residents with plenty of room to grow. It has a true suburban feel with a lot of larger, newer built homes.

Regarding schools, Lino Lakes is served by the Centennial Public School District and the Forest Lake Public School District. Most of the schools serving the area, are rated mostly in the A’s and B’s*

Home Price Statistics Coming in just above the Twin Cities median of around $350k, Lino Lakes has a median list price of about $375k. In terms of what’s currently listed on the market, the range for single family homes is from as low as $240k and all the way up to $1.2 million. I would not expect to find many homes in that $240k range - it is most likely a fixer-upper and certainly an outlier in terms of home prices here. And the homes pushing $1 million, are likely going to be on the lakes.

In terms of condos/townhomes, the range currently starts at around $225k and goes up to around $520k. Also, around 92% of residents own here, and only about 8%.

Pros + Cons


  • Tons of great outdoor spaces and recreation

  • Good schools

  • Great access to both downtown via I-35E and I-35W

  • Decent commercial/suburban amenities

  • “Up North” vibe

  • Huge yards and quiet neighborhoods

  • Nice housing stock - 3 car garages, decks, sunrooms, etc


  • Some may find it’s too far out of the cities

  • Not a ton of cools spots - mostly residential and standard suburban amenities

  • Fairly cookie cutter

  • HOA’s are somewhat common, maybe not for everyone

  • Some of the older homes up here, might be on well water or septic

  • Maybe some areas, especially some of the older homes, might be a bit run down with messy yards

To Sum Up Lino Lakes in Three Points

  • Great outdoor spaces and the “Up North” feel

  • Easy access to both the downtowns despite the distance

  • Good schools and nice homes

For Fans Of

Basically, if you like this neighborhood, you might want to check out these other neighborhoods 👇

  • Centerville

    • An enclave within Lino Lakes with a very similar lifestyle and vibe

  • White Bear Lake

    • The lakes, quaint little downtown, schools are good but not incredible, and similar home prices

  • Andover

    • Similar in its “Up North” feel, but a little further out

  • Elk River

    • Similar in its “Up North” feel, lots of lakes, quintessential Minnesota

  • Blaine

    • Geographically somewhat, but a much more complete suburb, but doesn’t feel as “Up North”

As We Depart

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