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Tour of Mounds View, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Today we’re checking out Mounds View, Minnesota!

Located about 15-30 minutes from the Twin Cities and the MSP airport, Mounds View is easily accessible for those who work in or near the metro area. Great schools and affordable homes are top reasons to check out this suburb. Mounds View really has a lot going for itself!

Let’s go!

Mounds View Vibes

Mounds View is home to about 13,000 residents and is a largely residential city with one main corridor of suburban conveniences along Mounds View Blvd. Despite maybe the lack of culture, conveniences, and cool spots, Mounds View has affordable homes and very good schools. The schools that serve the Mounds View, pretty much across the board are rated an A*.

Mounds View is ranked the 16th most diverse suburb in Minnesota* and the 2nd lowest cost of living suburb in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area*.

Home Price Statistics About 66% of residents in Mounds View own, the other 34% rent. The median sale price in Mounds View comes in around $317k, which comes in a bit lower than the Twin Cities metro median of about $350k.

Pros + Cons


  • Great schools - Mounds View School District rated 10th in MN*

  • Very affordable home prices

  • Convenient access to both downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis


  • No culture, character, or cool spots

  • Not a ton of conveniences

  • Commercial spaces are bit dated and leave much to be desired

  • Some areas have a lower pride of home ownership

  • Not a particularly diverse housing stock

  • Lack of park spaces

To Sum Up Mounds View in Three Points

  • Great schools

  • Affordable homes

  • Mediocre commercial spaces

For Fans Of

Basically, if you like this neighborhood, you might want to check out these other neighborhoods 👇

  • Arden Hills and/or Shoreview

    • Vibe is different, a little more impressive overall, but similar

  • Columbia Heights and/or Fridley

    • Not as good of schools as Mounds View, but good home prices

  • Inver Grove Heights and/or Cottage Grove

    • Similar housing stock

As We Depart

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