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Tour of North Loop in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're taking a look at one of the hippest and most happening areas in all of the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota - and dare I say all of the Midwest! We're talking about the North Loop neighborhood in Minneapolis, aka the Warehouse District. An awesome spot that we're very excited to share with you all!

Let's go!

North Loop Vibes

Fairly densely populated and home to around 7,700 residents, the North Loop neighborhood, sometimes referred to as the Warehouse District, is a vibrant neighborhood known for its happening spots with innovative restaurants, hip bars, and boutique shops. The late 19th and 20th century converted warehouses contain fashion design shops, the Minneapolis Farmers Market, artists lofts, and many other cool spots.

Located adjacent to the northwest of the central business district of downtown Minneapolis, the neighborhood is bordered to the northeast by the Mississippi River, to the southeast by Hennepin Ave, to the south by I-394 as well as Loring Park, and to the southwest I-94, Bryn-Mawr, and Lowry Hill neighborhoods.

A super walkable neighborhood with access to places like Target Center, Target Field, and other tourist type spots. The neighborhood generally ranks pretty high according to It is rated the #4 Best Place for Young Professionals in the MSP area and #35 Best Place to Live in Minnesota (cities and neighborhoods)*.

With that said, the public schools that serve North Loop are rated just okay - debatably bad or super mediocre at best. But, there are private schools and a good portion of folks with schools age kids, have them attending those private schools. For example, on Nicollet Island there is DeLaSalle - a Private Catholic School (9-12) that is very highly rated (A+)*. For the public schools, they're generally rated in the C's*. For colleges, there is actually the Institute for Production and Recording (IPR), where I attended school actually!

Home Price Statistics

Homes on the market here are fundamentally going to be condos. You may occasionally find a "townhome" style, but you won't find a single-family home option. Median sale price for the neighborhood at the time of writing this was $425k. However there is going to be quite a range of prices here. Most of the condos here are going to be very nice with either new build options or converted warehouse spots nicely curated.

Currently on the market, condo prices range from as low as $275k and upwards of $2.5m. Also, around 2/3rds of residents here rent.

Pros + Cons


  • Endless options for cool spots to eat, drink, shop, and socialize

  • Endless entertainment options - Target Center, Target Field, Acme Comedy Club, The Fillmore, etc

  • Beautiful historic architecture

  • Nice outdoor spaces along the river

  • There is a Whole Foods!


  • Zero single-family homes (but let's be real, that's not why you're moving here)

  • Busy, busy - this is one of the busiest and densest areas in the city and state

  • Some less savory areas further west in the neighborhood (mostly industrial)

  • Good amount of your errands will be outside of the area

For Fans Of

Basically if you like this area, you might want to check out these other areas 👇

  • Uptown Minneapolis

  • Lowertown St. Paul

  • St. Anthony Main Minneapolis

  • Downtown East/Mill District Minneapolis

To Sum Up North Loop in Three Points

  1. Endless options for cool spots to eat, drink, shop, and socialize

  2. Beautiful historic architecture

  3. Endless entertainment options

As We Depart

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Welcome to the Twin Cities - Make Yourself at Home!

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