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Tour of Shakopee, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're checking out Shakopee, Minnesota!

Comin' in hot with a highly requested video of one of the best and fastest growing suburbs of the Twin Cities. Shakopee has seen a great deal of growth in the last decade in both terms of population and commercial development. As it quickly becomes a very complete suburb with tons of amenities and good schools, Shakopee is a place a lot of our clients are considering.

Let's go!

Shakopee Vibes

Located about 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and the MSP Airport and 40 minutes from St. Paul without traffic, Shakopee is on basically the southwestern edge of the Twin Cities metro. Shakopee is bordered by the Minnesota River and Eden Prairie to the north, the city of Savage to the east, the city of Prior Lake to the south, and Jackson Township to the west.

A quieter, more rural vibe in parts, it has grown significantly to feel more suburban. Home to around 43k residents, Shakopee has grown about 15% since the 2010 census.

Served primarily by the Shakopee Public School District, which is ranked quite high at an A-. Shakopee Senior High School is rated an A-, which is hard to argue with. Both of Shakopee's Junior High Schools (East and West), are rated a B+. In terms of Elementary Schools, there are a number to choose from ranging from A to B ratings. In a small northeastern portion of the city, Shakopee is also served by the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District, which is rated a B-.*

Good schools, beautiful outdoor spaces, and relatively affordable home prices, is part of what's driving people to Shakopee.

Home Price Statistics

The median home sale price in Shakopee comes in around $370k. Although slightly higher than the Twin Cities median of about $350k, the homes here are considerably newer and considerably larger on average. That $370k gets you a lot more house and a lot more yard than you might find in suburbs closer to Minneapolis and St. Paul proper.

Pros + Cons


  • Beautiful outdoor spaces and diverse topography - Minnesota River, lakes, wooded areas, etc

  • Good schools - maybe not top 5, but very good overall

  • Plenty of suburban conveniences and even some cooler, local spots

  • Great value - lots of house and yard for the money


  • Majority, standard issue, cookie cutter suburban houses

  • A bit removed from the downtowns

To Sum Up Shakopee in Three Points

  • Great Value

  • All the suburban conveniences you need

  • Good schools and beautiful outdoor spaces

For Fans Of

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As We Depart

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