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Tour of Crystal, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Per special request - today we’re checking out Crystal, Minnesota!

Crystal is fairly affordable - most homes come with decent sized yards and most neighborhoods have nice outdoor spaces. It has all the conveniences you need and is a short drive to downtown Minneapolis, making it a suitable place for people working in the metro area. Crystal has a lot going for it!

Let’s go!

Crystal Vibes

A second ring suburb located about 15-20 minutes northwest of Minneapolis, Crystal has all the suburban conveniences you could need, affordable homes, and great outdoor spaces. Crystal maintains about 240 acres of park space across about 27 park spaces.

Served by the Robbinsdale School District, one of the most diverse school districts in the state*, most schools in Crystal are rated in the C to B range*. If diverse schools are what you’re looking for, Crystal is a great spot.

Home Price Statistics When I think of Crystal, I think of the affordability. With a median sale price around $278k, that is well below the Twin Cities metro median of about $350k. The barrier for entry for a single-family home is around $200k. This would likely be a 2 bed 1 bath and may need some work. If your budget is less than $200k and you’re okay with a condo/townhome, you can find those starting around $150k and on up to around $275k.

What comes to mind when I think of Crystal housing, is a lot of well-made post war era homes - ramblers and 1 ½ story homes. The large majority of homes in Crystal will be of those styles. Of note, around 75% of residents in Crystal own, and around 25% rent.

Pros + Cons


  • Very affordable home prices, and nice homes for that price

  • Great outdoor spaces

  • All your suburban conveniences

  • Easy access to downtown Minneapolis

  • Decent lot/yard sizes


  • Relatively smaller homes here - around 2k sq ft or less is common

  • Not a ton of hip or cool spots here

  • Some homes or neighborhoods are maybe not as well kept up and some commercial spaces leave something to be desired

  • In the older neighborhoods, it’s mostly detached garages - and if they are attached, they’re often single car

  • Diversity in the schools is great, but they’re only rated mediocre

To Sum Up Crystal in Three Points

  • Affordable homes

  • Great outdoor spaces

  • Mediocre rated schools

For Fans Of

Basically, if you like this neighborhood, you might want to check out these other neighborhoods 👇

  • Robbinsdale and/or New Hope

    • Geographically close and similar overall feels

  • Maplewood and/or Oakdale

    • Geographically not close, but similar vibes, and similarly diverse schools

  • Richfield

    • Similar housing stock, but a little more expensive and much more city centric

As We Depart

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