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Tour of Hastings, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're taking you on a Virtual Tour of Hastings, Minnesota!

Located about 30-40 minutes southeast of the Twin Cities, Hastings has evolved into a suburb while maintaining its small town vibe. With the beautiful outdoor spaces, good schools, plenty of suburban amenities along with good local spots and a cool historic downtown, Hastings has a lot going for it. Stick around!

Let's get it!

Hastings Vibes

Hastings is home to around 23k residents and is located about 30 minutes from downtown St. Paul and closer to 40 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Hastings is bordered on all sides by small townships, but notably to the east by the Mississippi River.

Schools in Hastings are generally rated very good. The area is served by the Hastings Public School District which is rated an A-*. Both Hastings High School and Hastings Middle School come in at an A-*, while the three elementary schools - Christa McAuliffe, Kennedy, and Pinecrest - come in at a B+*.

Not only does Hastings have plenty of suburban style amenities, as a suburb should, it also has a cool historic downtown with shops and restaurants for a nice Saturday outing.

Home Price Statistics

The median sale price for homes in Hastings comes in around $330k, a bit below the Twin Cities median of around $350k. If you're looking for a single-family home, currently on the market homes range from as low as $175k, to upwards of $1.9m. If a condo or townhome is more your speed, currently on the market prices range from as low as $140k, to upwards of $560k. About 70% of Hastings residents own their homes.

Pros + Cons


  • Diverse housing stock

  • So many great outdoor spaces

  • Good schools

  • "Feel good' cozy vibes, quiet streets and tight knit feel

  • Cool little downtown area


  • Somewhat of an island - really not much around it - basically surrounded by small townships and the Mississippi River

  • Small town with around 23k residents, might feel sleepy sometimes

  • Over 30 minutes to downtown Minneapolis

  • Dangerously close to Wisconsin

For Fans Of

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To Sum Up Hastings in Three Points

  1. Diverse housing stock

  2. Great outdoor spaces

  3. Good schools

As We Depart

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