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Tour of Richfield, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we’re checking out Richfield, Minnesota!

Our most requested city to do a virtual tour of, Richfield is a popular suburb with tons of suburban staples and very close proximity to South Minneapolis. Although it has a relatively small footprint, Richfield has a lot going for it and it’s where a lot of folks from the city run their errands.

Let’s go!

Richfield Vibes

Home to around 37,000 residents and one of the most densely populated in Minnesota. It is located just short of 15 minutes to both downtown Minneapolis or the MSP International Airport and about 20 minutes from downtown St. Paul. It is located north of Bloomington, east of Edina, south of Minneapolis, and west of the airport.

Before Richfield became what it is now, which is what I suppose most cities were first, it was farmland. It had very rich soil, and thus became known as Richfield.

Rated the 6th best suburb for young professionals and the 5th most diverse suburbs in Minnesota*. In terms of schools, they are very diverse and rated mostly in the B’s and C’s*. Richfield Senior High School comes in at a B, Richfield Middle School comes in at a C, and all of the Elementary schools come in around a C or C+.*

Home Price Statistics When I think about Richfield homes, they’re mostly single-story ranch or rambler style homes, as well as story and a half homes. And one of the biggest pros is that home prices in Richfield are quite good when compared to the rest of the Twin Cities metro.

The Twin Cities metro median comes in around $350k, yet Richfield’s median comes in around $315k. Because of how convenient Richfield is located, you’ll find a fairly significant rent population. Around 40% of residents rent, while 60% own.

Pros + Cons


  • So many great outdoor spaces - lakes, parks, walking/biking trails, etc

  • Has everything you could ever need - from great residential housing to all your suburban amenities

  • Extremely conveniently located

  • Affordable home prices

  • Trick-or-Treatable neighborhoods


  • Completely surrounded by the busiest roadways in all of Minnesota and the MSP International Airport

    • Interestingly enough though, because of the way the flight paths work, airplane noise isn’t as bad as you would think with it being so closely located

  • Schools are rated just okay, but a positive is that they are diverse

  • Pretty homogenous housing stock - for how old the city is, it’s pretty cookie-cutter

  • Richfield is fully developed - no room to grow except up

  • Weird that there is very few sidewalks

  • You may find a few homes here and there that are a little less well taken care of

To Sum Up Richfield in Three Points

  • Densely populated

  • Not a diverse housing stock

  • All the amenities you could ever need

For Fans Of

Basically, if you like this neighborhood, you might want to check out these other neighborhoods 👇

  • East Bloomington

    • Similar housing stock, very similar vibe

  • Columbia Heights

    • More affordable, close to Minneapolis, but to Northeast, where Richfield is close to South Minneapolis

  • South Minneapolis

    • A lot of folks looking here, look at Richfield as well

  • Roseville

    • Similar in a lot of ways, but a little more expensive

  • Maplewood

    • Similar in several ways

As We Depart

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