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Tour of Wayzata, Minnesota

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Today we're checking out one of the BEST Twin Cities Suburbs - Wayzata MN!

Located 20 minutes southwest of Minneapolis and along the northeastern shore of Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata is a stunner. Home to one of the best school districts in Minnesota - if not the best, plenty of beautiful homes, a cute downtown, and lakefront lifestyle - Wayzata is truly one to check out!

Stick around!

Wayzata Vibes

Home to around 4,500 residents and located about 30 minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul, Wayzata is all about the lake-life. It sits on Lake Minnetonka and is a hot spot in the summer. With one of the top school districts in Minnesota, a cute downtown area, and beautiful homes, most folks find this to be a very appealing city.

Although relatively small with not much room to grow, Wayzata is still developing with tons of new condos going up in the downtown area and lots of new building happening. Finding acreage here would be quite difficult though and will likely cost a significant chunk of money.

In terms of schools, according to the Wayzata Public School District, which serves all of Wayzata, is rated the #1 School District Overall in Minnesota and #46 in the United States. It's also ranked the #3 District with the Best Teachers in Minnesota. For High Schools, Wayzata High School is rated an A+ and the #2 Best Public High School Overall for Minnesota*. The Middle Schools are Wayzata East, rated an A+*, and Wayzata Central and Wayzata West, both rated an A*. There are quite a few Elementary Schools and they are all rated an A or A+*.

Home Price Statistics

The median home sale price in Wayzata is around $900k. However, this will fluctuate fairly dramatically depending on the timing and availability of homes. For example, the October 2022 median comes in around $1.275m, well above the Twin Cities median of around $400k. This is due to the fantastic schools, lake-life, and frankly the space constraints.

At the time of writing this, prices for single-family homes currently on the market range from $450k for a 2220sqft 4bd 2ba home, and all the way up to $13.45m for a 7600sqft 6bd 8ba on nearly 12 acres with lake access. In terms of condos/townhomes, prices range from around $250k on the low end, and upwards of $1.225m on the high end.

With all that said, whatever it is that you find here, whatever the price is, the homes will likely be very well maintained. Whether it's a modest sized home or a truly aspirational $15m lakefront home, the one thing they will have in common is they will be very well maintained.

Pros + Cons


  • Great schools and fantastic teachers - best in Minnesota and top 50 in the nation

  • Beautiful homes from modest to truly aspirational

  • So many great outdoor spaces

  • Summertime activities

  • Cute downtown with shops and some suburban amenities

  • Tight-knit community - everything is right off lake street


  • No sense of anonymity - with it being small in area and population, you'll likely run into someone you know whether you want to or not

  • Expensive - you don't get all of what Wayzata has to offer without paying for it

  • Very limited housing stock available at any time

  • Might feel a bit too 'exclusive' for some folks and a 'keeping up with the Jones' vibe

  • Super busy during the summer

  • With top schools, it's very competitive for the students with tons of high achieving academics and sports

For Fans Of

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To Sum Up Wayzata in Three Points

  1. Great schools

  2. Beautiful outdoor spaces

  3. Beautiful homes

As We Depart

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